Our Locations

Omnisphere Corporation has offices all around the globe.
We are here to support our customers and to assist them in growing their business.


Miami, Florida

Alexander Valdes
E: alexjr@omnisphere.net
T: 305-388-4075


Palm Desert, California

Jerry Jakob
E: jjakob@omnisphere.net
T: 760-345-4525

Dallas, Texas

Scott Windels
E: sewindels@omnisphere.net
T: 214-689-7800


Mexico City, Mexico

Victor Ruiz
E: panamericanmex01@prodigy.net.mx
T: 52-55-5541-5565

Birmingham, Alabama

Todd Smith
E: tsmith@omnisphere.net
T: 205-981-0981


Beijing, China

Emile Zhang
E: emile@omnisphere.net
T: 86-138-1055-2296