Our Products



Omnisphere has built a reliable and sustainable global network for wastepaper sourcing, and we proudly maintain a balance between supply and demand. By competently moving various grades of wastepaper, we work to deliver dependability, professionalism, and endless support for our clients.


Prime & Stock Lot Paper

Omnisphere specializes in purchasing prime, overrun, and stock lot paper and paperboard from major domestic paper and board mills. In today's constantly emerging paper and paperboard market, we endlessly work to support our clients by offering limitless possibilities at the most competitive prices on the market. Through our network of partners, Omnisphere is able to help our clients grow their paper or paperboard roll business to new heights - and faster than ever before.



By connecting the right suppliers and customers with consistent, quality plastic products, we provide a global solution for our clients at a fair and competitive cost. Whether selling or buying, Omnisphere provides our clients with ongoing orders of quality products at a price that seamlessly aligns with their budget.


Our Services



Omnisphere Corporation offers warehousing, as well as inventory control and distribution for an array of goods and products throughout the US, Latin America, Asia, and other emerging markets. Companies that require storage facilities will find our warehousing ideal for their storage needs.



Whether transporting internationally or domestically, Omnisphere Corporation offers comprehensive freight services throughout the US, Latin America, Asia, and other emerging markets. For those interested in growing a business through international trade, Omnisphere provides our clients with all the solutions necessary to expand their footprints into the global community.